Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Better Life Cleaners

-One of the things we have decided to do as a family is make a change in our living as much as we can and become "greener". Daniel has LOTS of respiratory issues due to his premature birth. We were told recently that if we use natural (or as natural as possible) cleaners that it would help Daniel (no harmful toxins, etc. to inhale). In researching the best kind of natural cleaner I came across this review of Better Life cleaning products at Familylicious. I like that these cleaners are made with all natural products and are safe for our house. I plan to order a starter kit and I am excited to start cleaning. I also entered to win a starter set at Familylicious. If you are looking for safer products to keep your house clean then head on over to Familylicious and enter to win here. (The giveaway ends Feb. 13)

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