Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boon Feeding Products

-I LOVE Boon products. If you have never heard of Boon, check out this awesome review at Two of a Kind. I don't have any of the Boon Feeding products but I want some.

-I would like Squirt for when Isaac starts eating cereal and baby food. I have read several reviews of the Squirt and I think it is one of the greatest inventions ever.

-I would like a Snack Ball for each of the boys, mainly because I think they are cute and I think the boys would love them.

- I would like the Catch Bowl for each of the boys - both Daniel and Caden make LOTS of yucky, gooey messes when eating from a bowl and I think the Catch Bowl would be a perfect way to help reduce the messes.

-I think the Fluid is the neatest sippy cup ever. What toddler wouldn't want to drink from this cup?

-I would like the Groovy and the ModWare for wach of the boys because I think they would make a great set.

-The problem with my love for Boon products is they are a little pricey since I am wanting a lot of the items times 3. I was so excited to find this awesome giveaway at Two of a Kind. One very lucky read will win Boon Feeding products - Squirt, Snack Ball, Catch Bowl, Fluid, Groovy and ModWare in their choice of colors. I entered to win and you can too by going here. (The giveaway ends March 1st.)

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