Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brianna's Bedding and Beyond GC

-I just read this review of Brianna's Bedding and Beyond at Familylicious. Brianna's Bedding and Beyond is a wonderful site where you can purchase adorable kid's bedding and personalized items - growth charts, mealtime sets, floor pillows and much more. I love personalized children items. I would love to have a personalized mealtime set for each of my boys.

-I would love to have the Heroes Kids mealtime set for Daniel.
-I would love to have the Safari Kids mealtime set for Caden.

-I am not leaving Isaac out, I just couldn't decide on one I like for Isaac. Daniel loves fire trucks, ambulances, etc. and Caden loves animals so I knew immediately which one I would choose for them. The mealtime sets are 32.95 a piece which is not a bad price, unless you are buying times 3. I was so excited to learn that a lucky Familylicious reader could win a gift card to Brianna's Bedding and Beyond. I entered to win. If you are looking for cute bedding or cute personalized (useful) gifts for your kids then head on over to Familylicious and read the review of Brianna's Bedding and Beyond and enter for a chance to win a gift card. You can read the review and enter the giveaway here. (The giveaway ends Feb. 27)

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