Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Breast Pump

-I am very proud to say that Isaac has received my breast milk through nursing or bottle for 4 months (his whole life). I have a Medela breast pump that I love. I only wish it was more portable. I recently told Richard that I wished I had a battery operated pump so when I was out (without Isaac) I could pump and stay on schedule. I was so excited to read this review of the Evenflo Comfort Select Performance breast pump at The Bragging Mommy. This pump is very portable, compact, and battery operated - I can take it with me and not worry about having to be near a plug-in. I want one! I was even more excited to discover that one very lucky Bragging Mommy reader will win a Evenflo Comfort Select Performance single pump. I entered to win and you can too by going here. (The giveaway ends Feb. 14)

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