Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mabel's Labels

-I label everything (with an ugly permanent marker). I would love to have a set of labels to label each of the boy's things (bottles/cups, clothes, bags, etc). The cute little labels aren't cheap when you have 3 boys. I have been searching for affordable labels that I like. In my search I found a review of Mabel's Labels at babybix blog, these labels are what I have been searching for -cute, durable and affordable. I was so excited to find that the review included a giveaway! If I win then I only have to purchase 2 sets of labels! One lucky babybix blog reader will win a Mabel's Labels Big Combo Pack in their choice of color and icon. If you are looking for labels for your children's stuff then head on over to babybix blog and read this review enter for your chance to win.

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