Thursday, October 4, 2012

Airheart SeatPet

We just returned from a trip to my parents house.  The boys were great on the 4 hour drive, in fact they slept for 3 of the 4 hours.  I noticed when I looked back at that the boys that Mr. D and Mr. C both had their head hanging.  This is not the 1st time we have noticed this and we have been trying to figure out a solution so they can rest more comfortably when we travel. 

When I read this review of SeatPets at Piece of Me, I immediately knew that I had found the solution.  One very lucky Piece of Me reader is going to win an Airheart SeatPet.  Mr. D would love the Airheart SeatPet and Mr. C would love the Whish SeatPet.  You can read the review and enter for your chance to win here.  The giveaway ends October the 12th.

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